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Wellness Rangers

You are who you’ve been looking for – Adam Roa

You are who you’ve been looking for, so stop looking for more unless you’re looking in a mirror because it’s about time for you to see clearly that you are who you’ve been looking for and that empty feeling you got, that hole in your chest you only got that feeling because you think you are not blessed with everything you need.

You see, we live in a consumerist society which means they need you to buy stuff and the easiest way to sell it is to tell you you’re not enough. Buy this car! You’ll get girls! Buy this bra, you’ll get guys! And we’re seeing it so much that we start believing these lies. But the truth is: the makeup they’re selling to make you feel prettier Is the same makeup you buy to stop feeling shittier about this lie they keep telling you that you are not enough!

And what about the movies we watch all the shows on TV the more I watch the more I see I need you to complete me, and yes love is the answer, love is the key but if you can’t love yourself  how can you ever love me? And loving yourself what does that even mean, like massages and selfies and that sort of thing, because the more I think about it the more it feels weird I’ve always been taught that self love was something to be feared.

I’ve been taught that arrogance is bad and vanity it’s not good and even my bracelets are telling to act how Jesus would. So what should I do? How should I act! I’m supposed to love myself but how do I even do that? Well I got a trick that I picked up from a friend who noticed that I was quick t o defend her when she would say something negative about herself

She would say. I’m so dumb and I’d say you’re so brilliant! She would say I’m so weak and I would say you’re so resilient, and when she said I feel ugly and I said you look beautiful. She asked me why I was so dutifully filling up her cup so constantly and yet treating my own cup so irresponsibly because when I looked in the mirror my voice was quite clear

You’re ugly, you’re too thin, your hairlines receding you’ve got a pimple on your chin and that was when she gave me a piece of advice that changed my life. She gave me a hug and she said treat yourself like someone you loved. Treat yourself like someone you loved.