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Awaken and kindle your inner greatness by caring and

sharing on this path to true freedom and complete serenity.

5 Days (4 Nights) Inspired in Recovery Retreat

Grahamstown, Eastern Cape

  • Day 1 – Monday                Welcome to arrive from 13:00
    • Show and tell with introductions
      • Retreat facilitators, venue staff and guest speakers
      • Show around location
  • Interactive, spontaneous meditation
  • Group Meeting
    • Reason for being here
    • Expectations
  • Bonfire with know yourself inter-active game


  • Day 2 - Tuesday                 Full day recovery process discussions and help available
    • Guided walking meditation 
    • 2 Group sessions
      • Well known path and methods
      • Move out the box
  • 1 Speaker meeting – Medical/Physical practitioner
    • Insight from a medical point of view about our body’s trauma


  • Day 3 - Wednesday                      Full day growth, progress, and strengthening
    • Guided sitting meditation 
    • Speaker meetings – Medical/Physical practitioner
      • Pros and cons of medication and interventions
  • 2 Intimate sessions (Small groups)
    • Effects on our senses and sensibility
    • Effects on our sensuality and sexuality
  • Video/Audio Talks and feedback
    • Ted Talk ~ Addictions


  • Day 4 - Thursday               Mindfulness and spiritual importance
    • Guided touching meditation 
    • Speaker meeting – Yogist/Spiritualist
      • Meditational practices
  • Interactive exercise and activities
    • Mindfulness
  • Spiritual process discussions
    • Share your view and feelings


  • Day 5 – Friday                                The way forward discussions
    • Self-Guided meditation 
    • Old Timers meeting
      • Share in the wisdom of experience
  • Final Group meeting
    • Expectations for the way forward
  • Feedback and comments
    • Can and How can we make this experience better?
  • Departure and farewell


Retreat program includes:

-        Professional practitioners and speakers.

  • Homeopath, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Masseuse, Yogist and an OLD-Timer

-        All meals and drinks, coffee and tea station

  • Vegetarian unless otherwise booked

-        Morning and Evening Meditations, Guided and unguided.

  • Walking, standing and seated in nature

-        A good dose of sharing and laughter


Booking is essential please do so at your earliest as space is limited, 12 to 18 guests maximum as to keep it special, personal and intimate. Standard bookings will be on a PPPN sharing base in Twin room format. Single bookings possible at full fees for twin or double rooms.

Please show interest and refer questions to +27 (0) 82 336 9972 or


Kind regards,

Rangers team